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My Place. And connectedness

Recently I was at a Connection Day at Jamyang, the local Buddhist centre where I volunteer. The theme for the day was #ourplace.

At the end of the day we were encouraged to free write (or draw) what we were thinking and feeling. So I thought I'd share my free writing with you.

My place.

When I hear the words ‘my place’, I automatically think of the autobiography by Sally Morgan.

I’m connected to the ocean, to the earth, to Birpai country, to nature, to the people of the Mid North Coast.

My maternal ancestors came from just around here, in Lambeth. Although I did not.

And so I think of My Truth, the poem I wrote about duality – being from here and not from here. Of being this and that.

How many of us in this global time of ‘connectedness’ feel like that too?

With globalisation there is too much ‘limitless’ – use of resources, grasping at wealth, accumulating stuff, racing to the outer atmospheres, expectations that we can keep on the way we are.

Not enough actual connectedness.

What makes me feel connected to my place?

  • Intimate knowing

  • Tacit knowledge

  • Familiarity

  • History and memories

  • And relationships

My place is nothing without relationships:

  • Specific individuals that I care about

  • My cat that I stroke and feed every day

  • Our neighbours

  • Colleagues that I work with to improve cancer services for Londoners

  • The people I coach and mentor

  • The people I pass on the streets, see in shops, sit next to on the bus, those that serve me in cafes.

  • The Jamyang community

My place is nothing if I’m not connected to the skies and the trees and the rain that keeps us alive.

My place is nothing if I don’t feel awe, gratitude, respect and love.

These are the things that must be limitless.

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