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This is my truth - what's yours?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Inspired by Matt Young, founder of Who Needs Instructions, I am sharing #mytruth with you today.

So here goes… I’m Liz and I’m 43 I come from Australia and Britain I come from the coast and the city I come from the area of the Birpai people

I come from south London I come from working class parents and grandparents I come from a blended family of six.

I'm overweight, unfit and like walking I'm single and I live with my cat, Tristan

I'm not a mother, and that is by choice

I'm a barefoot and windows open kind of girl I'm insecure and I’m determined.

I love cake, biscuits, chocolate, bread - too much so, a lot of the time

I love nature - the ocean, rivers, the bush and mountains

I love plants and flowers - to grow them and photograph them I love literary fiction – books are my lifeblood

I love to travel - adventurously, gently and inquisitively I love art - photography, galleries and museums I love film - arthouse cinema and television I love all kinds of music - even some pop these days I love to explore - both the outside and inside worlds.

I have to manage depression every day of my life

I have type 2 diabetes I have to be very aware of skin cancer I have a family history of mental ill health and ovarian cancer

I have been bullied, tone policed and gaslighted

I have said "#metoo" I have a growth and gratitude mindset.

I’m an NHS employee and an entrepreneur I’m a leadership coach, mentor and a facilitator I’m a Trustee and a volunteer I’m strategic and believe in connectedness I’m driven by being of service to others.

I have my Mum still ❤️

I have two older brothers I have an older sister I have wonderful sisters in-law

I have two nieces and a nephew

I have amazing friends including my cousin

I have great neighbours I have dedicated colleagues I have an inner critic in my head I have an inner mentor in my head too.

I'm learning about Tibetan Buddhism

I'm learning about my white privilege

I'm learning about growing my business

I'm learning about being a carer

I'm learning about who I am, constantly.

I’m passionate about ecology I’m passionate about raising self awareness I’m passionate about resilience

I'm passionate about deep listening and inclusion I’m passionate about women supporting women.

I believe in compassion I believe in kindness I believe in equity I believe in science

I believe in humility

I believe in transparency

I believe in collaboration, not competition I believe in respect for people I believe in respect for the planet.

I love to be loved I love to be hugged I love to help I love to share I love to learn.

I want to grow old with someone

I want to reside in France for a while I want to be healthy and live with ease I want to be happy, the kind of happy that isn’t dependent on others or objects I want a career that evolves and helps me to keep learning about myself I want women to be empowered, to be leaders, to not always put themselves second to others.

I’m practising… Being still Recognising attachment Letting go Speaking up Managing boundaries Simplicity.

As Matt says, “being open like this, doesn't make you weak, it's a strength and it attracts people like you; your tribe". Matt created WNI to help men be better communicators and better friends to each other.

Now it's your turn. What's your truth? #mytruth #whatsyourtruth #whatsyourstory #thisisme

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