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Commitment to sustainability

Declaration of a climate emergency

At Full Frame Coach we hereby declare a climate emergency. We acknowledge that the current state of the environment represents a catastrophic threat to both human society and the natural world.

Even as a micro, online business, we have a responsibility to act decisively in response to this crisis. Therefore, we pledge to take the following actions:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint: We will implement measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, including ongoing use of renewable energy sources and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

  2. Increase sustainability: We will strive to increase the sustainability of our operations, including reducing waste and promoting environmentally-friendly practices.

  3. Support climate action: We will support efforts to address the climate crisis at the local, national, and global levels, including through ethical decision making in spending power and advocacy.

We recognise that addressing the climate emergency requires significant effort and resourcing. However, we are committed to taking bold action to protect the planet and ensure a sustainable future for all.

What is Full Frame Coach doing?

In late 2023, Liz began her journey in taking a deeper look at her green business skills, by participating in excellent training provided by Oxford Brookes Business School, in partnership with Small Business Britain.

Since then, Liz has completed a micro-business Sustainability Impact self assessment with

Full Frame Coach’s priority actions for Quarter 1 2024/25 are:

  1. Review of financial institutions and select an ethical business banking account.

  2. Calculate website carbon footprint using and reduce digital load.

  3. Complete a digital emissions assessment using Small 99’s digital emissions calculator.


Liz also co-facilitates climate cafés on a pro-bono basis at her local Buddhist Centre. If you experience feelings of anxiety, guilt, fear etc about the climate crisis, we encourage you to seek out a climate café near you. In these supportive groups, you can share your thoughts and feelings without fear of reprisal or judgement. These groups provide safe and brave spaces to support people with their mental health and emotional wellbeing about the climate crisis, separate from discussion about climate action.

How can you help Full Frame Coach?

Please let us know if you have any ideas or feedback on how to make an online, service based micro-business more sustainable.

Liz would love to hear from you.

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