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You, In Focus

A coaching programme for women leaders (aspiring through to senior team leaders) who want to take off their masks and feel free in their own lives.

Do you feel like you have to wear a metaphorical mask at work?


Perhaps you simmer with frustration at not being listened to. Or maybe your version of authenticity doesn't match your team's idea of 'professionalism'.  


If you want to stand powerfully in your truth and speak up at work without fear,
read on!

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What will this give me?

Do you imagine a time when there's a career opportunity coming up and instead of doubting whether you should go for it, you know you've got what it takes to get to the next stage? 

In preparing for an interview, you are clear on your strengths and how you respond to tough situations. You've got the energy to take on a new challenge and you've done your homework.

You know that this opportunity is a good fit for your values and lifestyle choices!

If you want this and more, contact us now.

How does it work?

Over seven 2 hour sessions, with about 6 other  women, we will work together to understand your unique strengths, values and how they show up. We will also explore what gives you energy and how you manage conflict.

You will come away with your very own, bespoke toolkit for being an authentic woman leader, with a big dash of confidence too!

With the power of group work, we will help you put this all together, so that you can:

  • share your truth confidently,

  • know that you have all the resources you need to be an authentic woman leader, and

  • come away with strong connections with other like-minded women, so you never feel alone at work again.

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee - if you don't see a difference in being a women leader by the end of the programme, and you can show us that you've done the work as set out by Full Frame Coach, we will refund your payment in full.


"It helped that you could understand the way I felt with my stand in society to do with race and stuff that has a bigger impact on me than I realised. The way you dealt with that - and how you yourself are trying to challenge your own biases and break old ways of thinking - really helped me to trust you and was reassuring and comforting to me. You were very genuine and made me feel very comfortable opening up. You did a fantastic job, you're very good at what you do. More women should take coaching sessions, especially if it is with you."

Lo, Team Leader in a national charity

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