“I found Liz’s approach and the questions she asked really helpful in getting me to think about things in a different way and encouraging me to be more open-minded about opportunities. Liz has excellent listening skills and is very quick to understand what I mean, even when I find it difficult to articulate. She asks insightful questions. She makes me feel very at ease. She has also had a significant impact in terms of making me realise I am in control of things in relation to my work and career. Liz has a great ability to build trust.”

“I got a lot out of my sessions with Liz. It’s really rare to get the opportunity to reflect and think about how one is doing at work for 1.5 hours for several sessions. I really needed it! And that rare opportunity has to be done with the right person. Thank you Liz for your fantastic insight and support.”

NHS assistant director

Senior manager of a national charity

“My mentoring experience with Liz was worth every second. Her seemingly endless ‘you can do this!’ enthusiasm and generous spirit is a priceless example of how the impossible seems suddenly possible. Liz provided an unparalleled feeling of support. She kept me focused and accountable, yet provided an unbiased point of view at every step of my journey. I have had many amazing breakthroughs in my professional and academic life in just under one year. My time with Liz was invaluable to my career and I am truly thankful.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of Liz’s mentorship and coaching skills over the years, her personal approach has helped me to achieve my goals. Liz has prepared me for writing at level 7 and provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership and managerial skills. Her natural ability to get you thinking more broadly and to identify solutions for yourself has changed me as a person and as a leader.”

NHS manager & postgraduate student

Paramedic practitioner