Unlearning Circles

The Unlearning Circle is a 3 month immersive experience with a skilled facilitator who has been through this process. Participants will be racialised as white, have already begun personal work on anti-racism, and want to dive deeper into their own biases.

As a small group, we read Me and White Supremacy, journal and share how the characteristics of racism manifest in ourselves, chapter by chapter.

The process is intensive and life changing!

Do you relate to any of these statements?

  • I know racism can be subtle, but I don’t know what it looks like.

  • I don’t know what the terms white privilege, white fragility and/or intersectionality mean.

  • Most or all of my close friends are white.

  • My partner/best friend/[any other key relationship] is from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background, therefore I don’t think I’m racist.

  • I feel that these people could do with my help, they are so unfortunate.

  • I mostly watch programmes produced by white people about white people

  • I mostly read texts written by white people about white people.

  • I mostly listen to radio/podcasts produced by white people, with white people

  • I struggle to find the right words to avoid giving offence

  • I'm not clear what I can do to make my workplace and my community a better place in regards to racism.

  • Racism doesn’t affect me, so I don’t have to do anything about it.

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You're ready for this programme if you...

  • Want to learn about racism and feel confident speaking about it

  • Want to make a positive difference at work and/or in your community

  • Feel emotionally strong and have a close friend or family member who can support you

  • Can spend 14 weeks diving deeply into anti-racism theory and reflective practice

  • Want to be part of a group learning process and meet like-minded people who also want to do this work with you.

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