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Rethinking Goals 2024

Sick of the idea that yet another year will go by with no focus? Or does the idea of creating 'focus' make you shiver? Perhaps you love having some focus but find yourself with so many "priorities" you never complete anything in the way you would like to.

If any of these sound like you (or a friend/colleague/loved one!) then Rethinking Goals is for you. We do not take a conventional approach to goal setting - instead we have a freestyle, unstructured group conversation about what goals mean to us personally and you come away with ideas for how to go about the coming year, that works for YOU.

Make this your Christmas/New Years gift to yourself now:

Gift vouchers also available.

Scroll down for details.


... from the 2022 participants

"I found the workshop a safe space to share with other women in the same field. It was really helpful to hear how others felt and that it wasn't just an isolated feeling on my part. Thank you".

"Taking part in the re-thinking goals group during 2022 was one of the best decisions I took this year. The sessions enabled me to reflect on my goals with others; consider the challenges that lay ahead to achieve them; and have the confidence to feel good enough when life changed them.
I learnt more about the way other people deal with and navigate the challenges and successes that they live through and I saw my own journey in a new light. Being in a group offered new solutions to managing and delivering on my own goals.
Liz's facilitation style was key to making this programme a real success and enjoyable throughout – what an amazing gift to give to a friend!"

Kate, Senior Public Health Lead

"I liked how it was freely structured".

"Reflection is an important part of goal setting - the value of doing things in a group and having a support network".

"Time with Liz means space to think, talk and reflect".

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The nuts and bolts

  • Two 90 minute online workshops - first one is Friday, 26th Jan 2024 (09300-1100) and second date to be agreed as a group.

  • Cost is £120 per person and meeting details will be sent after purchasing.

  • Gift vouchers can be arrangement after payment. Please contact us for details.

  • Final bookings close on Sunday, 31st Dec 2023.

  • Payment is non-refundable.

  • "No-show" appointments cannot be rescheduled.

Time with Liz means...

  • "Time to think about me and who I would like to be when I grow up".

  • "Space to think, talk and reflect".

  • "Opportunity for growth and thinking space".

  • "Time allowed to breath and be".

  • "Time to reflect out loud".

Rethinking Goals 2022 participants

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