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Coaching and mentoring for individuals

Helping you to meet your leadership potential

The topics that clients bring to coaching and mentoring to explore with us are many and varied! 

Some of the topics that are frequently explored include:

  • Resilience and self care – noticing what drains your energy and how to build it up

  • Authentic leadership – how to be the “real you" at work and not conforming to others’ views of what it means to be a leader

  • Imposter syndrome and building confidence – unpicking why you might feel like you don’t deserve to be in the role that you’re in or that one day you’ll get ‘found out’.

  • Assertiveness and dealing with conflict – working out how you can have better relationships at work

  • Strategic thinking & awareness – thinking about the business you work in, its context and how you can add value.

  • Navigating career pathways and transitions – this can include: looking for promotions, making a big change in your career, preparing for/returning from maternity leave, thinking about retirement.

Contact us to arrange a free 30 minute discovery session with Liz or to find out more about our packages.

Not sure what the difference is between coaching and mentoring? Download this flyer to find out.

Smiling Girl
Fast Flash

Fast Flash is a half day (max 3 hours) intensive - it's perfect if you have one or two issues that you really want to get stuck into and resolve in one hit.

Woman with Headscarf
The 5 x 6

The 5 x 6 includes five sessions taking place over a maximum of six months. This is our most popular package and great if you need some time to think through a known problem or topic.

Confident Mature Woman
The 8 x 10

The 8 x10 is our premium package and ideal if you know you need help, but not sure where to even start. It includes eight sessions delivered over a maximum of ten months.

"I knew I needed help, and I wanted support working on my confidence and feelings of imposter syndrome. I chose Liz as my coach because she advocates for women and talks about mental health, which was suffering because of my situation."

Layla, Manager at a Local Authority

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