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What 2021 gave me

Updated: May 5, 2023

Time with family

Time to care for my mum

Time spent on ‘my beaches’ walking and swimming

Time to read.

Thirty-one #books read

1600 kilometres of #walking accumulated

#Pilates in the park with @mrpilates

Thousands of #photographs taken.

A wonderful holiday in #Scotland

Beach combing on #Arran

Exploring and relaxation with friends

Puffins on #Staffa!

#Pfizer one, two and three

First time in business class

Two weddings on video

Two funerals on video

Even more video calls

Anti-racism journey goes up a gear

More coaching.

A new work friend.

Walks with an old school friend

Twenty-four hours with a uni friend

Meeting Mum’s friends

Neighbour-friend back in #London for two weeks!

#Gallery visits

#Theatre trips

Visit to #Peterborough to see a friend

Visit to #Sussex gardens and walks with friends

Friends who go above and beyond

Friends who think of Mum and me at random times

Friends who show me that they care

Friends of Mum’s who also care.

@3DCoaching mastery by Claire

@MBTI Company by Helen and Catherine

Awesome Foursome ladies.

NHS – cancer, breast screening and homeless health

Volunteering – @CancerCareMap

@FullFrameCoach – public health, #CoachPony, #ICF

@JamyangBuddhismCentre – Geshe la, Rinpoche, Venerable





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