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Procrastination (and small goals to get you moving)

Here’s a little secret – I am generally not a procrastinator, but when it comes to writing blogs (and LinkedIn posts) I definitely am!

I have this feeling in my chest and gut that says, “I don’t wanna do it”. It’s my five year old self talking. To be honest, it feels like a chore so my visceral response is to just say ‘no’.

Why does it feel like a chore?

Well, I’m hoping through writing this blog I might find out – my SIT goal is to try the stream of consciousness writing technique.

What does “SIT goal” mean?

It’s a Specific, Immediate and Tiny goal!

So basically it is one small thing you can do to get you started on the bigger thing. The bigger thing might be something that takes you all day, or it might be something that takes you weeks, months or even years. That doesn’t matter really.

A SIT goal will help you chunk down the big thing you’re worried about or procrastinating on and just get you started.

So, I’ve put some Christmas essential oils into my diffuser, made a cup of Betty’s Christmas tea and I’m listening to the West Australian Symphony orchestra play classical music against the backdrop of Australian birdsong.

That’s three specific, immediate and tiny preparatory tasks in response to my self-coaching question – what can I do to soothe myself right now?

Why does it work?

My actual SIT goal was to ‘just start writing this blog’. And guess what? Through the stream of consciousness technique (or free writing as it’s also known in the writing business) means I now have about 280 words on my page.

No blank page scaries anymore!

And you know what? Even though I have that “I don’t wanna” mindset, I know that I actually enjoy writing once I start. Once the germ of an idea begins, the words flow out of my fingers and onto the page.

Goals generally have one of two aspects, or both – the motivation (the will) and the how (the way). We can get blocked on either of these things. And they’re not always mutually exclusive.

And a SIT goal helps us crack on with the how, even when we’re not sure how to see it through to the end. Just by starting, we start to make progress.

And by making a little bit of progress, we can:

a) get motivation to keep going because we’ve seen some progress

b) work out how what the next steps might be, to also keep going

Do any of these sound like you?

Do you have goals that keep appearing on your ‘New Years goals’ list every year?

Do you get overwhelmed by how many things you want to achieve, and don’t get anywhere?

Or perhaps you go through your life without goals at all, and wonder what you’ve been doing for the last five years?

Do you feel like you have to have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound) goals for your personal life as well as your professional life?

And does that make you feel heavy, tired, or make you want to say ‘urggh’ at the thought of it?!

What if 2024 was different?

It’s March and the days are noticeably longer, the bulbs are out and you’re full of the joys of spring!

You’re thinking back to the session on 26 January where, with a small group of women, you discussed your ideas for 2024 and what you want to be different. You also talked about your concerns and what gets in the way of those ideas becoming real.

You were so grateful to hear other women share their doubts and their enthusiasm for the year ahead. You remember the feeling of being ‘good to go’ by the end of that video call and glad to have another date in the diary to look forward to.

As you tender your burgeoning plants, you’re considering your next move about your goal/s. What are three specific, immediate and tiny things I can do this week to move forward on my goal?

Tell me how to get started on this dream

If you want to feel energised (or re-energised!) by whatever big-small-medium sized goals you set yourself for 2024, I can help you move forward on your challenges and dreams.

In Rethinking Goals 2024, we have two 90 minute group sessions, with the first one on 26th January. The second date is agreed amongst the group.

It’s a facilitated conversation, but doesn’t have a predetermined agenda. I let the conversation flow as the group needs it to. In this way, every workshop is bespoke to the women present. Every single time.

Rethinking Goals costs just £120. Gift vouchers are available and bookings close on New Years Eve.

A little PS

This free writing process has helped me a) write a blog for you, b) helped me work out why it feels like a chore, although I didn't share that here.

It’s also given me a strong reminder of how I can self-care and nurture myself through essential oils, calming music, a cup of something delicious and a mindset to ‘just start small’ because, as my business coach says, “progress not perfection”!

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