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Helping women who feel isolated or marginalised to meet their leadership potential, so they can be authentic and energised in all parts of their lives - through mentoring, coaching and facilitation.

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Hi, I'm Liz Price
The story of the ill fitting coats

Does it have to be a rite of passage to wear "ill-fitting coats" in almost, if not all, parts of our lives at any one point in time?


Your 'work coat' might be a fancy designer one or an off-the-rack black jacket, but does it feel safe and snuggly? Your 'home coat' might be a bit rough around the edges from being pulled in all directions and so perhaps it looks tired or fitted the person you were a few years ago, but now? Not so much. Your 'play coat' could be a different one again, a much closer reflection of you, but still not quite 'the one'. 

For me, the perfectly fitted, authentic coat is one where I don't have to consciously take it off and put another one on to suit the people around me. The coat itself changes over time of course, because I change and the people I spend time with changes but it's not a chameleon coat.   I feel comfortable in it where-ever I am. It reflects my life, where I've come from, my strengths and values, what I've learnt and gives room to grow into the person I will continue to become.

Hi, I'm Liz Price

I've been coaching, mentoring and providing facilitation services since 2010, and I'm accredited with the International Coaching Federation. I'm passionate about working with difference and supporting women leaders (aspiring through to executive) like you to be your authentic selves at work, at home and wherever you choose to play.  I love to read (it's vital to my wellbeing actually), to drink different types of leaf tea and to keep learning new stuff. You could say I'm a bit nerdy! And so you might assume I'm also introverted - however I get a lot of joy and energy from spending time with the people and creatures I care about: at work, at home and where I play.

“I found Liz’s approach and the questions she asked really helpful in getting me to think about things in a different way and encouraging me to be more open-minded about opportunities.

Liz has excellent listening skills and is very quick to understand what I mean, even when I find it difficult to articulate. She asks insightful questions. She makes me feel very at ease.

She has also had a significant impact in terms of making me realise I am in control of things in relation to my work and career. Liz has a great ability to build trust.”

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