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What is your soul food and how much does it fill your energy fuel tank?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Welcome to my second blog on Full Frame Coach!

In my first blog I shared my goals for 2021, using the phrase “soul food”. All of my Soulfood Goals are focused on things that give me energy and bring joy. They are the activities that make me feel alive, that get me into a state of #flow and top up my energy fuel tank.

#Resilience is an important topic for me – it is often used at work these days, and there is a tendency for eyes to roll. Stripping the sense of jargon away, it is super important to keep ourselves ‘upright’. Resilience can be very easy to lose without even realising it. And it is very hard to get back once it has gone.

Resilience is chipped away at, often by doing the things we feel we have to do that do not energise us - being with people that drain us, doing jobs that pay the bills but don’t provide an outlet for autonomy or creativity, managing household tasks for example. Sometimes we jokingly call this ‘adulting’ and it can feel like we have no choice with these things.

There will always be areas of life where we won’t have choice or we feel a sense of duty. However, #choice is fundamental for not feeling stuck. As soon as we feel stuck, we can easily handover our sense of identity and agency to do something about a situation. The trick is to find the balance between choice and ‘adulting’, so that your energy fuel tank is topped up enough to counter the things that take your energy away.

My Soulfood Goals are really important for me to not feel stuck – they focus on tasks that bring joy and are tangible so that I can show myself some progress, so that I can’t feel stuck. And at the same time they are things that I want to do. They make me smile and feel connected to others. I am learning, I am exploring (even if I can’t travel) and they provide a way to look after my body that doesn’t feel tedious to me. Even more importantly, these themes often overlap in my goals.

What are your soul foods? How will you build them into your life this month? This is so that no matter how full or empty your energy fuel tank is, you know how you can tap into at least one of them to top up your tank and maintain your resilience.

icon of an empty fuel tank on a background of the word 'joy' repeated

One of my Soulfood Goals for #FullFrameCoach this year is to launch a facebook group that provides a safe space for #gratitude, resilience and a community to empower women. Last weekend, I launched that group after just a few hours of being in flow in the planning and design stage of it. A week later, there are more than 50 of you signed up with a regular group of folk sharing daily. Needless to say, my energy fuel tank has definitely been topped over the past week!

This group is called #threegoodthings. It’s very simple really - we share three good things that we are grateful for, as regularly as it feels comfortable to us as individuals. For some that has been every day. For others it is a bit more ad hoc. It is a space where no matter how you’re feeling today, you can share three things you are grateful for. All women are welcome, as are men who value gender equality.

On Monday 18th January, which is known as #BlueMonday for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we are starting a 7 Day Challenge. Come and join us!

Love Liz

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