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Liz Price ACC

Liz Price is the founder of Full Frame Coach, an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and an MBTI certified facilitator. 

Liz works within the ICF's Code of Coaching Ethics for both individual and group coaching. She is also a mentor and facilitator.

At different times in her life, Liz has felt marginalised because of her gender, physical appearance, mental health, nationality, age and working class background. With almost 20 years of working in the public and voluntary sectors, Liz has seen other women feel isolated and be marginalised - looked over, pigeon-holed, made to feel peripheral.

Who does Liz work with?

Liz is committed to using her coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills to empower women at any stage of their career, who have felt isolated or marginalised, to meet their leadership potential. She is eager to help those who want to understand themselves more, who want more for themselves and their families, who doubt themselves and may not know how to progress. Often, these are women who have had to work much harder than their peers.

How does Liz work?

Liz uses a blend of coaching and facilitation skills to generate action and develop strong, trusting partnerships with her clients. Feedback demonstrates that Liz is highly effective in providing support and a safe space to create personal insight and development.

The coaching process enables and supports you to do the thinking you need to do. It is often challenging, and Liz uses questions that respect your world without allowing you to avoid difficult topics or insights. Liz is passionate about working with difference to support women to meet their leadership potential.

More about Liz

Liz has a Masters in Change Management and a BA (Hons) in History and Sociology. Her top 5 strengths (from Gallup) are: connectedness, learner, input, responsibility and strategic. Liz’s top 5 values are: integrity, service, exploration, determination and compassion.